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Hide 'n Seek II by Megadas Hide 'n Seek II by Megadas
Swamp Thing illustration - MS Paint. Part of a series of ST art I've been fiddling with for a while. Most are posted elsewhere - perhaps we'll see one or two more here? EDIT- replaced this with a much better quality image (finally).

Swamp Thing DC Comics
Nazaxprime Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2011
Expect a Critique soon. I really did intend to play a game tonight...
Oh well, now I gotta go see a friend.
Minus the critique, I gotta say, this is awesome.
I love that you went non-standard here, in nearly every way that you could.
Producing a piece where you turn negative space into positive, is always a great thing to me. and I almost use it too much myself, but I do so like gesture in my work... and in the pieces I admire.
If I had to be critical about anything here(which I think you want) it would be the grey usage. But at that, it does have its place and to squabble whether a pure BW palette Vs. a 3 color palette(ok, not technically, but the Critique comes later) is more asthetically pleasing, is a moot point if you ask me. Also, with this being fully digital, I can't see why you couldn't have it any which way, so it is even further moot.
So I would suggest that it isn't that, but the inorganic blockyness in the grey fields that I am feeling are out of place in the piece.
Yes, that is it exactly, and it is my ONLY gripe.
I hope you don't mind me playing with this... I think I may have a new background for a bit.
If I do anything significant, I'll run it by you(considering extending the aspect ratio for desktop use) rerguardless, I will stay in paint and of course would never upload it to anything w/o your express consent.
Anyhow, thanks for another awesome piece of media... this is exactly what I joined for DA for!
Megadas Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks much for the comments! The funny thing about the piece was most of it wasn't planned out and it's a LOT of mistakes that evolved into what's there. It started as a pair of trees and when I went to experiment with a negative image, I screwed up and blacked in the entire image except for some of the line work I'd started. That changed into Hide 'n Seek 1, and after that, it became II with a bit more tinkering. I decided to stop messing with the image after that (something I wish George Lucas would learn at some point), but feel free to tinker some more if you like...

Nazaxprime Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
Well, if George ever becomes an artist, we may be able to expect such logic from the man.


Anyway then, I sent you a note about what I'm doing, but needless to say, it is back in work.

It's an honor, friend.
I hope you love III as much I am.
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